Game Plak 'ball games to play balls in colors – Game Plak'

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Playing marbles in colour!


I had a time...

In our childhood, we all played marbles on many surfaces: pavement gutters, dirt or manhole covers! What memories! Too bad our children don't play marbles anymore....What??? Yes, they do! A timeless game, marbles are timeless and return to the playground every year! However, some schools are reluctant to allow them because some clever kids use them as projectiles! Ouf Game Plak' arrives to channel the craziest!

Marbles are finally home!

When we were kids, playing marbles at home was complicated... it's rolling everywhere, parents dislike... and what are the rules of the game? So our little treasures wisely stayed in their banana bags until the next break!

Using game plak', Here comes the best game! They can finally play their favorite games with their family, and their most beautiful marbles are also appreciated!

In... or Out !

Obviously outside, It's better!

In addition, by assembling the Game Plak' with those of your friends, you can make large circuits and invent lots of game rules!  The number of players is then multiplied, and you can play giant games with all your neighbours!

I want one

Your testimony

I'm very satisfied with what I bought. This is in line with my expectations.

Written by Raphael B at 10:45:34 on January 3, 2020.

The plate is strong and foldable, so it can be stored n' Wherever it is. J'; There are two. I'm happy because we can play more than one. -Thank you

February 5, 2020, 18:37:59, by khalida R.

Express delivery order. The green plate is beautiful and the material is soft. C'; It's a good idea for l' Just to play marbles, just like before.

January 23, 2020 16:04:31 Virginia H.